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7 Must-Visit Cherry Farms This Season

Cherry Picking Farms

‘Tis the season to be jolly and to pick some cherries! If you don’t know it by now, summertime is your chance to explore, experience and pick the best fruits from the best cherry farms. Trust us when we say that cherries should be on top of your list. Aside from being in season, they are a great addition to your growing kitchen experiments. These rich-in-antioxidants bundle of deliciousness will not only provide you with more than a dozen of health benefits, they are so flexible that you will always find a use for them in the kitchen. So, here are a few places you can visit to pick your cherries yourself. Not only are you assured of getting the best quality, it’s also a great way to spend time with your family, friends and loved ones. Better yet, make it your mission to propose a cherry-picking team-building session at your workplace to get you and your work colleagues out of that 9-to-5 rut! They’ll thank you for it. It’s accessible, fun and you get to take home the fruits of your labour (plum intended- we mean cherries).

Now, let’s begin your cherry-full series of escapades!

  1. Main Range Cherry Orchard

As a family-owned farm, Main Range Cherry Orchard is all about the experience. The entrance to this humble garden is free and you don’t even have to make a booking. Obviously, if you have a large group or a big company, it’s better to call beforehand in order to give this lovely farm some notice. Likewise, don’t go ahead picking some cherries if you’re not buying them. Let’s not let these juicy succulent fruits go to waste. Now, if you’re all ready to start your cherry-picking adventure at Main Range Cherry Orchard, type in 920 Boundary Road, Young NSW 2594 in your GPS to get your trip started. If it doesn’t work, type in Fontenoy Road instead – just to be safe. You will have some green and white signs along the Olympic Highway to guide you if you’re driving. Just don’t forget that the driving period from Sydney to this beautiful luscious garden is approximately four hours. So, make sure that you are ready for the long trip! If you need more information, check out their website here!

  1. CherryHill Orchards

CherryHill Orchards is open for cherry picking from mid-November until early January. So, if you’re looking to gather your loved ones for a unique and memorable trip during the holiday season, you might want to include CherryHill Orchards as part of your destination. Except for Christmas Day, which you will probably be spending with your friends, family and loved ones for a BBQ session in the backyard and a quick trip to the beach, CherryHill Orchards is open every day from 9am to 5pm. It can be quite a drive from Sydney, so you might want to have one or two people on standby to swap shifts. With about a 9-hour drive from CBD, planning your destination is recommended. Make it a weekend trip rather than a one-day expedition so, you can enjoy the little surprises you may find along the way! Unlike Main Range Cherry Orchard, you do need to book your visit to CherryHill Orchard. Tickets are available on their website website.

  1. BallinaclashOrchard & Cellar Door 

Having started their pick-your-own cherry business in 2000 to diversify from their usual wholesaling business, Ballinaclash Orchard & Cellar Door is now all about the experience of picking your own cherries. This scenic orchard is now dedicated solely for the purpose of picking your own cherries. Meanwhile, if you’re not looking to do some cherry picking yourself, they also offer pie making classes and showcase their award-winning Hilltops wines. So, your almost four-hour trip will not be for naught. You can even pre-order your cherry pie so it will be fresh and reach by the time you pick them up! As for payments, pick-your-own cherries are just $8 per kilo and it’s free entry. They are open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays or by appointment, and 8am to 5pm on weekends. If you’re looking for a fun day out for everyone and maybe a BBQ session right after your cherry-picking adventure, then Ballinaclash Orchard & Cellar Door might just be the right place for you. For more information or to book your trip, feel free to check out their website here.

  1. AllambieOrchard 

At first look, you might think that Allambie Orchard is just like any of your other pick-your-own cherry destinations and you might be right. However, what makes this orchard a destination aside from its succulent cherries is their special Picker’s License offer which entitles you to unlimited selfies with the magnificent cherry orchard in the background and to have a feast on their freshest cherries as much as you want. The best part is that 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the MND Foundation so, you’re not only having the time of your life, you’re also helping a cause! However, if you’re looking to do some cherry-picking yourself, it’s just 7 dollars per kilo and your entrance is for free. So type 3725 Olympic Highway, Wombat NSW 2587 in your GPS to organise your four-hour trip right away and to make sure that they will have space for you and your group (in case you are bringing a big one), feel free to drop by their website here. They are said to reply typically within the hour!

  1. LyntonOrchards 

While you may have come for some cherry-picking experience, Lynton Orchards is the perfect destination if you’re looking to pick more than just your own cherries. They offer a variety of other fruits like plums, prunes, nectarines and apricots depending on its availability this season. For the best news, their orchard is open until 6pm on weekdays and 7pm on weekends, so you can definitely make time during your rest days! Being approximately four hours away from Sydney, you can head on over this humble garden right after lunch and you will still have plenty of time to pick your heart away (we mean cherries!). For more information or to make a booking, head on over to their Facebook page here now!

  1. Gleann Mohr Farm

Now, if you’re looking to pick some cherries and strawberries on your trip, look no further than Gleann Mohr Farm. Situated along the main road with plenty of access and parking, all you need to do is dive into the freshest selection of berries and stone fruits from the moment you hit the ground. On top of that, you’ve got local honey, free range eggs, home-made fruit pies and jams available for purchase upon your visit! Since they are open from December to January, you have plenty of time to organise a trip with your friends, family and loved ones. Heck, bring your work colleagues too just to make it fun! Just be sure to make your booking beforehand. Call them up at 0438 593 423 or email them at As expected, driving can take up to 4 hours to get to this farm so, make sure that you have plenty of energy and you’ve given enough time in cases of peak hours and heavy traffic.

  1. Hillside Harvest

While Hillside Harvest is just about a four-hour drive from Sydney, what makes this farm so great is the variety of options it offers depending on the season. So, from November to December, you’re sure to get their best and juiciest cherries! To top it off, they’ve even got a nice little farm shop that you can browse through if you’re not feeling the cherry-picking vibe. Better yet, set up a picnic camp for your company and enjoy your lunch amid this stunning 75-acre property. Likewise, you do have the option to have a light refreshment from their newly refurbished café. It’s all up to you and yes, they did think of everything! So, make your booking here now or check out their Facebook Page here for a bit of a look-through. Hillside Harvest opens at 6:30 in the morning from Mondays to Fridays and at 9am on weekends so you’ll surely have plenty of time to organise your trip!


Speaking of trips, most of the destinations we’ve mentioned are about a four to nine-hour drive, so make sure that you’ve planned ahead of time. Aside from that, don’t forget to provide some extra time in case of peak hours and heavy traffic. Of course, make sure that you bring some containers or esky for your cherries! We don’t want them going bad on your way back. In fact, we highly advise that you bring an esky whether you are driving or taking public transport.

On to public transport, there are some coach companies that offer scheduled day tours during this cherry picking season. While you do have to adjust to their limited schedule, the comfort of not having to worry about who’s driving will never be on your mind again. Plus, it’s the perfect solution if you’re going alone, with your partner or with your family. You no longer have to worry about accounting for the traffic time, peak hours, heavy traffic and navigation. The coach company will take care of that for you.

Finally, if you’re looking for a bit more flexibility in schedule or probably a bit more space for you and your company, then booking a charter bus is your best option. Aside from comfort and convenience, hiring Bosfor Travel provides you with the opportunity to plan your destination so you can drop by that fancy café on your way to the orchard. Most of all, you get to have alone time with your friends, family and loved ones. If you’re going out with your company as we have been pushing you to propose since the beginning of this article, then good for you. It’s a great time to mingle and make friends out of your colleagues! In fact, why not make this a Christmas party destination instead! Whatever your reason for a pick-your-own cherry adventure, you can count on Bosfor Travel charter bus to get you there. In addition, we have our luggage space ready for all the cherries you picked! No need to worry about running out of space. To top it off, our lovely and friendly drivers will feel like a long-time friend and your luxurious trip to the hills will be just another highlight to an already awesome trip! Hire your charter bus here now!

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