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Blue Mountains Day Trips From Sydney

Boorooma Rocks

As beautiful as Sydney is, there are times when you just want to get out of the city and distress in nature. Locals are incredibly lucky to have a ready escape just two hours away by car. The Blue Mountains attracts millions of visits every year thanks to its breathtaking views and wealth of activities. There will be something for everyone in the family for the weekend. You can stay for a few days or just take a quick stop. It’s near enough to make Blue Mountains day trips from Sydney a practical pursuit.

About the Region

The Blue Mountains is vast with 11,400 square kilometers of total area. The National Park has been around since 1959 and is about 2,690 square kilometers. Locals come here in great numbers and spend as much as $250 million every year during their visits. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site so it is well-preserved by the government. It can be found to the west of Sydney in New South Wales, reachinable through an 80-kilometer drive through the M4 road. Other routes can be taken for more scenic views although they can take a bit longer. There are plenty of opportunities to stop at farms and small towns along the way.

The mountains got the name because of the color of the haze that form at the top when looking from afar in Sydney. This is thought to be due to the eucalyptus forest but science shows that it is a matter of physics. The UV rays are scattered and makes distant objects appear bluish. This is true for any distant peaks virtually anywhere in the world. Indeed, this particular range has quite a number of peaks with the tallest being just over a thousand meters.

What You Can Do

Among the highlights of the park are the walking trails that takes people to the best spots around the range. They are around 140 kilometers in total length while means many hours of enjoyment over many visits. Most people return several times to complete different sections of the trails. The majority of them walk leisurely with their friends and family. Others run around for fitness and recreation. There are also horses that can be ridden to explore hidden paths. Many of the paths have been paved to make their easier and safer to be on in any weather. They include The Six Foot Track, the Grand Canyon Walk, the Anderson Fire Trail, the Kanangra Walls to Katoomba, the Blue Gum Forest, and the National Pass.