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How To Enjoy Your Winery Tour

Winery tours can be an exciting way to learn about a region, culture, or simply about a type of wine you are interested in. In the Hunter Valley, Southern highlands, Mittagong, Sydney, and many other locations, you can take part in very different types of winery tours. Here are some of the key facts you should know before you book or take part in a tour:

Do Some Research

If you have a special interest in a particular product that the winery produces, do some preliminary research and formulate a few “educated” questions to ask. Tour directors love to get challenging queries from groups, and will enjoy giving you a thorough explanation about whatever wine-related topic interests you most. Whether you want to know more about the wine-making process, how the product is stored, or about wine prices, a winery tour is the ideal place to gather more information.

Know What to Expect

Even though every tour is different, the “typical” winery tour includes a look at the internal operations of the facility. This will usually include the crushing, fermenting, and bottling phases. Most people never get a chance to see the machinery up close, which is what makes a wine tour such an enlightening, fascinating experience. Some tours include a short “tasting” or sampling of the facility’s product, as well as the chance to take home booklets and/or small souvenirs of the tour. Nowadays it’s becoming commonplace for winery tours to offer low-cost prices on individual purchases on-site before or after the event. This is also an ideal time to purchase a gift for someone you know who enjoys wine.

Call Ahead

It helps to remember that wineries are businesses, have production schedules, clients to satisfy, and deadlines to meet. Always contact the facility beforehand in order to find out about tour hours, any associated costs, whether you’ll be in a group or taken on a solo tour, and whether there are special times of the year when it’s best to visit. Wine tours are hugely popular with international travelers, so it’s possible that you might have to schedule a tour at a special time or even make a reservation before going to the winery.

All About Free Stuff

Don’t be ashamed to ask the winery employee about free samples and for-sale items when you call. Some facilities make a substantial amount of income by selling small bottles of wine, and a few even have gift shops on-site so that tourists can purchase t-shirts, books, and DVDs related to wine-making. Profit-making aside, the majority of wineries do include a few “freebies” in their standard tours. While these items might be something as simple as a refrigerator magnet or key-chain, a few tours hand out mini-bottles of wine to adults in attendance.

Winery tours are gaining in popularity all over the world for good reason. They combine education and fun in a unique way so that people of all ages can learn some fun facts about the local culture and how wine is made.

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