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Planning A Church/Group Outing

When deciding how to plan a church or community group outing, there are a few important things to consider. Firstly, you should consider what the outing hopes to accomplish, and that will aid in the planning and deciding on the actual activity. Some thought should also be put into the age range of the church or community group so the activity will be suitable for all attending. Another aspect of the planning involves transportation to and from the event.

Many individuals attend church or are involved in the community mainly because that is how they were raised. It is common, however, for the younger generation to be less connected to the church and community than their previous generations. Part of that has to do with the busy pace of life. A church or community group outing is a great way to reconnect with those losing that strong connection. Planning an activity that diverges from the average Sunday service can appeal to the younger generation. These outings can show that church life and dedication also takes place outside of the actual building and can be carried forth and spread throughout the community. It also highlights the flexibility of the church and its willingness to appeal to all generations of its congregation.

When it comes to bringing people together to foster positive connections, there are numerous activities to choose from. Having a sign-up sheet passed around before a Sunday service is a good way to remind people while they are there of the impending outing, as well as determining how many are interested in attending. Once it is known how many people are attending and the variety of ages, an appropriate activity can be decided upon. Possible outings could include an outdoor picnic, ski trip, bowling, movie night, nature walk, museum trip, or community outreach. Just be sure what whatever is decided upon, no one will be left out or feeling bored.

As is the case with most group outings, a large part of the planning will involve arranging transport to and from the event. When planning a community or church group outing, keep it local. As the goal is to foster a strong sense of community, choose a location that takes place within that community. Also be sure to use local transport companies so everything is kept within the community. There are many transport vehicle rental options: van, mini bus, coach, school bus. Decide if the outing will need one large transport vehicle or multiple ones. Phone around and see what is available on the day of the outing.

Also consider what type of coach or shuttle is needed: luxurious or basic. Arrange pick up and drop off at a location that is familiar to all attending, perhaps the local church or community centre. Be sure an appropriate pick-up time is arranged with the transport rental company so there is adequate time for the outing.

When planning an event or group outing, it is easy to feel stressed or weighed down by the details. Keep the big picture in mind, what the outing can accomplish, and enjoy the strong sense of community that will emerge.

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