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Tips For Planning That Perfect Church/Community Group Outing

In the hectic hustle and bustle of modern life, many report feeling disconnected from their church and community. Planning group outings is a fabulous way to encourage that connection, especially with the younger generation. Taking a church or community group outing on as a project can be an extremely rewarding endeavour, especially when you see the results of solidifying relationships and connections within your group. While planning and organizing events can be stressful, keeping some tips in mind on how to plan a church or community group outing can make it as pleasurable an experience as possible.

Choosing your Outing Destination

When it comes to organizing a large group function or outing, the activity is the make-it or break-it detail. Within a church or community, there are members of all ages; this can be a challenge in terms of selecting age-appropriate activities for all age groups. Consider activities that are best suited for young and old, or ones where additional activities can be added to suit children. A group picnic is always a crowd-pleaser. Food, drink, and the outdoors are all things people of different ages can enjoy. Setting up a craft or game station to entertain the youngest contingent is a great way to ensure the kids can have fun, as well as the parents. Planning for the weather is also key, especially for outdoor destinations. If a picnic is the choice, consider hiring a large tent in the event that it rains. Other potential outings include nature walks, bowling, movies, the museum, to name a few.

Keeping it Local

When it comes to church and community, few things are more relevant that keeping it local. When planning your outing, be sure to have your outing location in or around the community. As the end goal is to cement connections within the group, keeping everything as local as possible is just taking that philosophy one step further. In addition to the destination being local, be sure to support local businesses for any kind of rentals needed for the outing: food, shelter, transportation.

Arranging Group Transportation

One of the most important details to organizing a group outing is the transportation issue. Make sure you plan the event with enough time in advance to find out how many people are attending. Once you have an official head count, you can start inquiring about vehicle rental. That’s when Bosfor Travel can help you and take care of your transportation! Bosfor Travel are more than capable of accommodating your community or church group outing, with our 13-54 seat-belted buses, your comfort and safety will be top of the range! You will have to arrange pick-up and drop-off times and locations. So choose a meeting place, perhaps the church or community center, that is known to the attendants. If the vehicle is dropping the group off and returning for pick up, be sure that enough time has been allowed for the outing to run its course, but not so much that people are standing around waiting.

Don’t let the details of event planning make you shy away from planning an event that can unite your church or community. Follow these simple tips to ease the process and help ensure a successful and enjoyable outing for all.

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