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Top Beaches To Visit

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There is arguably nothing quite as remarkable as leaving all your cares behind and heading off to beautiful beach. The gentle caress of the sea breeze will help you to beat the heat and there is immeasurable joy to be had from relaxing on a golden sandy beach with your cooler bag and favourite book. Below are some of the top beaches to visit around Australia:



This breathtaking location in Wollongong is very popular among families and groups of all ages. This is largely due to the wide range of activities that can be done there. The clear, sparkling water of the beach is a wonder to behold and great for swimming. It is edged by rocks that are fun to climb. There is a child-friendly lagoon deeper inside the cove that provides the ideal spot for children to swim.

Central Coast

Soldiers Beach

The very popular Soldiers Beach is located on the south side of Soldiers Point. This patrolled beach is quite popular among local and international swimmers and surfers. In addition, it is among the few beaches on the Central Coast that urban development has left relatively untouched.

The northern side of the beach is flanked by Norah Head Lighthouse; built originally in 1903, this historical structure is considered among the significant coastal lights in New South Wales. Its beam is visible from 28 kilometres out at sea.

Port Stephens

Fingal Bay Beach

With the absence of a strong southeaster, this beach is ideal for families. It faces south-east and is a flawless curve of sand that has a sand-spit connecting it to its very own island. Based on your interests, a day at Fingal Bay Beach can be spent swimming, body boarding, surfing and fishing.

There are showers, toilets, a shop, cycle path and facilities for barbequing and picnicking. On the seashore, there are a number of chic cafes providing superb meals. Just a walk across the spit will allow you to visit the impressive lighthouse. Fingal Island is linked by the northern spit to the mainland, where great waves can be viewed. This is especially true when there is a buildup of sand along the spit. Before setting off, it is important to check the tidal chart.


This is the most famous beach in Sydney and is typically packed with tourists and locals alike. Its spectacular coastline is complemented by some of the most impressive waves in the area. Campbell Parade is nearby and is quite the hotspot for cafés, restaurants and shops with. From a seat on the balcony overlooking the beach and the pool, you can soak up the view while you dine.

Northern Beaches


A big part of the charm exuded by Manly comes from how the beach is accessed. Taking a trip on a ferry to Manly Beach is a rite of passage for individuals born and bred in Sydney and this journey intensifies the pleasure of going to the beach. A day at Manly can include swimming and surfing.

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