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Why hire a charter bus for your cherry picking tours?

Cherry Picking Tours

Tis The Season For Cherry Picking!

Cherry picking is a great family fun activity or a day trip with a group of friends. Get your invites ready and consider hiring a charter bus to take you on a cherry picking tour that you’ve designed (or we could help with that as well). You get to tailor your cherry picking tour the way you want, our driver will happily chauffeur your group and make pit stops along the way should you wish to stop for lunch at a particular restaurant or visit an iconic lookout for some scenic group photos.

Here are some benefits to why you should hire a charter bus if you are considering cherry picking tours with families or friends. Whether you decide to go cherry picking in Canberra or you prefer to go cherry picking in orange NSW, getting there by a luxury coach hire can make your day trip more enjoyable, not having to worry about traffic, restless kids, being separated from the group or having to wait around for the rest of the group to arrive.

Get Social

You’ve decided to get a group of friends together so wouldn’t it be great to be able to sit next to who you want so you can chat with them and even change seats midway through your trip? If the group is made up of a mix of age group, everyone will enjoy the ride more when they are able to choose who they get to sit next to. Children will want to sit with other children so they can play games and I’m sure the parents would love that rather then hearing “are we there yet” throughout the trip.

Make Travelling With Kids A Breeze

Been on a long drive with young kids before? How many times have you heard “are we there yet” or “when will we get there”. Countless time I’m sure. Kid’s these days get bored easily especially without their gaming devices but as responsible parents, we don’t want our kids on their iPod, iPad or tablet the entire trip. Yet the problem begins once they’re off their device and have nothing to do. Save yourself the headache and book a charter bus where they can enjoy the company of other kids and if they happen to be the only child travelling in the group, they can enjoy a movie on the TV screen and relax in comfort. Tilt the backrest, stretch and be comfortable. Your kids and even the grownups might find themselves having a wonderful nap.

No Waiting Around

Have you been on a daytrip with a group before where you’ve travelled in 3 or 4 vehicles? You all leave the same time and thought it would be a great idea to follow each other and meat up for lunch right. Only someone didn’t make the green light and had to stop and wait for the red traffic light to turn green. Soon that vehicle finds they are trailing 20-30 minutes behind everyone. That means either people have to eat first or wait until everyone arrives for luncheon. As you can see one of the benefits of travelling together is that you’re always together as a group and no one get’s separated.

Group Photos On Scenic Tour

You may decide to stop by some popular tourist destination along the way for some group photo opportunities. This is not a problem when you hire a bus charter in Sydney for your cherry picking in Young, Canberra or Orange because our professional chauffeur drivers will take you where you want to go. Simply let our friendly staff at Bosfor Travel know in advance where you’d like to stop for lunch or perhaps a pit stop at a local market or look out.

Storage space for your picked cherries

What’s the fun in cherry picking if you can’t take your hard work home with you. After an hour or two of picking cherries where some makes into the bucket and others straight into the mouth, it’s likely you’ll end up with a bucket or even a box full of freshly picked cherries. Of course you’ve done the hard work and so you would want to leave the cherry farm without taking at least a box home.

You won’t need to worry if you have enough space in your car for everyone’s cherries, our coaches have luggage compartment big enough to cater for everyone’s cherries. Even if every person in your group was to bring home a luggage full of cherries (imagine that), there’s still plenty of space left. With such a large compartment in the luggage section, your cherries will feel much cooler being stored in the bus then in the boot of the car where it could heat up quite quickly particular during the cherry season in summer.

Hire A Charter Bus For Your Cherry Picking Tour

Cherry picking certainly a fun experience for the whole family and a great social event with friends.

Enjoy a hassle free cherry picking tour with your friends and families on board Bosfor Travel luxury coach hire and be chauffeured by our friendly professional drivers. Contact Bosfor Travel online now or call 02 9727 0440 and book your private cherry picking tour to Young, Canberra, Orange or wherever it is you want to go.