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Things To Do In Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is among the most famous wine regions in all of Australia. The bottles produced here end up in different countries all over the world. It is located in New South Wales just north of Sydney. City-dwellers can book a trip whenever they want to get away from the urban jungle. It is sure to leave a lasting impression. There are plenty of activities waiting for visitors with each serving to highlight the region’s best assets. Whether you love wine or just here for the views, you are sure to have the time of your life in the valley.

Ride on a Hot Air Balloon

One of the best things that you can do is to survey the region from above to take in the gorgeous views. Do it in style aboard a hot air balloon. It is the perfect means to appreciate the vineyards and the landscapes. Make sure that you bring a nice camera with you to preserve the memories of this ride. The colorful balloons will float about 2000 feet above the ground, offering an incredible vantage point for anyone that wants to see the natural beauty of the valley with the dramatic backdrop of an Australian sunrise. A full breakfast awaits with wine, chocolates, and more after the ride.

Live the Good Life at a Spa

Those come to this place to relax are never disappointed. The sights all around puts people in the mood to slow down and chill with a glass in hand. There are also several spas offering pampering sessions to relieve stress. Guests can choose from various packages. Enjoy full-body massage and different treatments. Use their tubs, pools, and tools to rejuvenate. You will emerge feeling invigorated from the experience. Check out the places that offer these services to see which one fits your preferences in terms of packages, décor, ambiance, and pricing.

Experience the Festivals

During certain times of the year, the valley bursts into festivities that draw people from all around the world. Be sure to browse their calendar to see the list of events that you can attend. Plan ahead with your friends and family for a trip of a lifetime. There is something for everybody. Visit during the Spring Festival and see the magical blooms around the gardens or go for the music festival in October for some jazz, blues, rock, and soul. Follow an art trail or a food trail that winds through the valley.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

Of course, the biggest draw will be the wine produced by the vineyards. There will be no shortage of bottles and barrels here. Hop aboard winery tours to learn more about the history of the region, as well as each of the most significant wineries in town. See how they actually make these drinks and sample the different varieties with experts. They will teach you about the subtle variations and the right pairings with cheese, as well as other types of food. Speaking of food, indulge in hearty meals in some of the finest restaurants in Australia.

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